Pet Of The Month

To enter your pet into our monthly Pet of the Month drawing, click on the Pet of the Month tab and submit the form.

Winners receive a gift for their pet, a gift certificate to use at Largo Veterinary Hospital, a photo feature on our website, and your pets name on our sign in front of the hospital.

October 2022

Oregano 2022 POM

Hi, my name is Oregano, and I am a 3yr old Diluted Calico Domestic Shorthair. I was part of a litter of kittens rescued by the Pixel Fund. Our litter was nicknamed the Spice Kittens as we were all called names of spices. My mom and dad said I was the cutest spice, so they picked me! My favorite thing to play with are these multicolored plastic corkscrews which I love to skitter and chase all over the house. Unfortunately, the furniture loves to hide them from me! But that’s ok because my mom and dad end of buying more for me. If we ever move from this house, the movers are going to be in for a surprise when they move the furniture! My most successful mischievousness was the time we had just moved into our new home and my mom and dad had left the pantry door open. Well of course I needed to explore it. Suddenly, my mom and dad were leaving to go up to Home Depot and they shut the pantry door, with me in the pantry! A little while later I heard them come home so I started meowing. It felt like forever for them to find me but then the door opened! That’s when mom and dad found out that I had knocked over the olive oil and I was covered from stem to stern in olive oil. It took weeks to get that stuff off me and to finally stop smelling like a salad! My most embarrassing moment, like the olive oil wasn’t enough, was the time I met my doggie cousin, all 2 pounds of him! I was so terrified of him that I ran and hid under the bed. Shhh…don’t tell Dr Daniels but my favorite treat is anything my mommy is eating, which of course I am not allowed to have! I am so spoiled that I have my own stone sink in the master bathroom that I love to sleep in. Mom and dad’s sink is on the left and my sink is on the right!

September 2022

Izzie September POM

Hi, my name is Izzie and I am a 5yr old Golden Retriever. My mom and dad adopted me from a friend of theirs. I recently got a new fur brother, a 2yr old Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Kody. I love him so much! We get to play together all day long! My most successful mischievousness is that I know how to open cabinets all by myself! But because that has resulted in me eating things I should not have and having to go the emergency room, my mom and dad now have locks on all the cabinets! I have a lot of embarrassing moments I could share, but who has time for that! Shhh...don't tell Dr. Daniels but I haven't met a treat that I don't like yet. I am so spoiled that I get to sleep in my mom and dad's bed with my fur brother!

August 2022

August POM 2022

Hi, my name is Floyd, and I am a 11yr old Domestic Shorthair. My mom and dad adopted me when I was a baby from the SPCA of Tampa Bay. My favorite thing to play with is string, and my parents are very careful to not let me swallow it! My most successful mischievousness is I love to drink water from the sink. My favorite treat are Greenies but only the chicken flavor! They help my teeth and breath stay clean and fresh. I am so spoiled that I get to sleep wherever I want. 

July 2022

Lucky February 2022POM

Hi, my name is Lucky, and I am a 11-month-old Beagle mix. My mom and dad rescued me from Southeast Beagle Rescue. My favorite toys to play with are anything that squeaks. Since I am still new to my mom and dad, I have been trying very hard to be on my best behavior. In other words, I haven’t had time yet to be successful at anything mischievous. But I do have a bad habit that is most embarrassing to my mom and dad. I like to eat my poop when we are in the company of other humans. We are working together on breaking that habit. Shhh…Don’t tell Dr. Daniels but my favorite treat is bacon. I hit the lottery when my mom and dad rescued me in that I am so spoiled now that I get to sleep on my mom’s pillow. 

June 2022

Chester June POM

Hi, my name is Chester, and I am an 8yr old DSH. My dad rescued me in 2015 just weeks after his dad passed away, so we ended up rescuing each other. My favorite type of toys is scrunchy things. My most successful mischievousness is I wake my dad up each morning at 5:30am so I can get my soft food, and it works every time! My most embarrassing moments is that I snore on occasion. Shhh…don’t tell Dr Daniels but my favorite treat is canned chicken. My favorite past time is I get to sleep in my dad’s lap when he is in the recliner watching TV, especially when hockey games are on.  

May 2022

Muffin May 2022

Hi, my name is Muffin, and I am a 3yr old Chiweenie. I had a lot of brothers and sisters when I was born, and I am so lucky my mom chose me! My favorite thing to play with are rubber toys. My most successful mischievousness is I love to pull the socks through the holes of the laundry basket, and as you can see, my mom has captured proof of it. My most embarrassing moment is because I am a Chiweenie, I have yet to realize how short my legs are. So, I have trouble judging my jumps and I usually end up running into the furniture. Shhh… don’t tell Dr Daniels, but my favorite treats are ice cream and bananas. I am so spoiled that after my yummy treats, I get to cuddle up and sleep with my mom. 

April 2022


Hi, my name is Symphony, and I am a 14yr old Manx. I was adopted from the SPCA of Tampa Bay 14 years ago this month. I am a tuxedo Manx and I have 1 blue eye and 1 green eye. My mom is a Humane Educator for the SPCA, so I get to go to many classrooms throughout Pinellas County. I am very endearing with the students as I can perform many tricks like sit, give them my paw, lay down, figure 8 through my mom’s legs both right and left direction, high five, dance and stay. I rarely meow so I also get to go to nursing homes and Hospice. I travel back and forth with my mom to our summer home on Long Island, New York and I love visiting friends and relatives all along the way. Dr. Sutton and Crystal were heroines in restoring my health from GI issues for the past 10 months and today I am a spunky, lovable gentleman who is so lucky to have the mom I have. 

March 2022


Hi, my name is Duffy, and I am a 7-year-old Pembroke Corgi. My mom and dad adopted me in North Carolina and brought me back to Florida. I love balls! It’s all about the balls all the time! One time we went to visit a dog friend of mine on Christmas day, and I stole my dog friend’s yummy bone. Unfortunately, I got that yummy bone stuck in my lower jaw. My mom and dad had to rush me to the emergency room to have it removed. I won’t be stealing anymore yummy bones. Shhh…don’t tell Dr Daniels but my favorite treat is bacon. Did I mention I also love balls! My mom and dad spoil me so much that I have a huge oversized doggie bed that I can sprawl out in after a long day of ball playing. 

February 2022

February POM

Hi, my name is Lickity Split, and I am a 2-year-old Tortie DSH. I love heights! The higher something is the more I want to climb up on it. One of my most mischievous moments happened to be a time I climbed up on a shelf that hangs 10ft up and knocked over a picture that was on top of the shelf. I got my mom and dad’s attention with that trick. I am very picky about treats. I don't even like the temptations treats, which all my kitty buddies say I should. Other than being mischievous, my second favorite activity is watching the squirrels play from the comfy window. After a long day of climbing and squirrel watching, I get to curl up in bed with my mom and dad.  

January 2022


Hi, my name is Skippy, and I am a 2-year-old Labrador Retriever adopted from animal services. I love to play with my squeaky toys, doesn't everyone? Can you keep a secret? I love to lick ice cream bowls; they are so sweet and cool. Yum! I am a good pup but sometimes I can be mischievous and get into the trash. I am so loved that of course I get to sleep in bed with my human dad.

December 2021


Hi, my name is Solomon, and I am an 18-year-old DSH kitty. My family adopted me from the SPCA. I love to play with anything catnip! Toy mice and brushes are also entertaining too. I have a history of stealing food off of the table. One time when no one was paying attention, I jumped up on the dining table looking for a treat and I saw the bowl of queso. Anything in my way to the queso was pushed off the table so I could eat the entire bowl of queso! 

My most embarrassing moments are actually for my mom. When we visit Largo Vet, I prefer to sunbathe in Dr. Daniels's window instead of allowing her to examine me. My favorite treats are freeze dried chicken treats, Temptations and any human food I can scavenge. Naturally a charming cat like myself gets to sleep in bed on the legs of my favorite humans.

November 2021


Hi, my name is Isla, and I am a 2-year-old Westie who was adopted from family. I love my chew toys, but I also find furniture appealing to chew on. When I was a puppy, furniture legs were my go-to and they felt so good on my new teeth. I am embarrassed to say that when I was a potty-training puppy, I had accidents on the carpet. Now, I spend time doing my business outside and I love to chase squirrels. I'm gonna catch one someday! I am so loved and spoiled that I get to sleep anywhere in the house I want.

October 2021


My name is Remington, and I am a 6-year-old Chocolate Persian feline. My favorite thing to play with is my catnip squeaky bird. I love holiday’s so much that I taught myself to open presents. In fact, my most mischievous moment was when I got caught opening Christmas presents. My most embarrassing moment happened when I acted like a wild animal while visiting Largo Veterinary Hospital. Most favorite treat is not a snack, but I think it is a real special treat to have my chin scratched! I am so spoiled that I even get to sleep in bed with mom and dad.

September 2021


My name is CheyAnne, and I recently celebrated my 14th birthday. I am super happy to be the pet of the month!  I have a unique adoption story. When I was 16 months old my mom took my big brother, Bentley, to the groomer. When mom came to pick up Bentley, Ms. Debbie, our groomer, told her that my owners had bought me off the internet 8 months before. They did not realize I had been seriously abused. I had been hiding in their closet for 8 months and they did not know what to do for me. So... between big brother and Ms. Debbie, Mom was convinced to give me a home. Boy, was Dad surprised when he got home and saw there were now 2 dogs in the family! I’ve been with them ever since, almost 13 years!

My favorite toy is a stuffed Santa and I like to go to the golf course with my BFF (best furry friend) Pacheco to feed the ducks. My most mischievous moment and embarrassing moment are when I tried to steal a Santa toy from a neighbor’s windowsill! The nice lady, tried to give it to me but mom said no because I have one just like it.

Don’t tell Dr. Daniels but my favorite treats are cheese, and my doggie ice cream mom makes for me with yogurt. And even though I lost my hearing a year ago I still sense when it is storming out and I hate loud storms, so I get a few pieces of turkey to help calm me down. I am so over spoiled that I can sleep anywhere I want but at 14 and with my bad hips I stay on my very large comfy dog bed that has egg crate foam for comfort and a cooling gel insert. I actually have 2 one on the patio and one in the bedroom.

August 2021


Hi, I am Sami, and I am a 19-year-old Tonkinese. My owner rescued me from a cat show. I was a sick little kitten who wasn't even for sale, but my owner refused to leave without me. I am embarrassed to say that I pooped on my new owner in the car on the way home. I am mischievous sometimes when I playfully punch my sister cat. I love to play with anything you will throw for me, especially little balls. I live up to my Tonkinese breed, by talking...a lot!! Don't tell Dr. Daniels but I love to eat tuna and holiday turkey for treats. I am so spoiled that I even get to sleep on my mom.

July 2021


Hi, my name is Sasha, and I am a 12-year-old Shih Tzu who is proud to be the Pet of the Month! My favorite toys to play with are plastic balls that have bells inside and stuffed animals. One time my dad made a delicious sandwich and walked away from it for just a minute. I seized the opportunity, jumped up on a chair and stole the sandwich! When I'm not stealing sandwiches, I do love my dog bone treats. I am so spoiled that I even get to sleep on dad's pillow at night and he gets only a small corner. But one time I was sleeping on the couch, and I rolled right off in my sleep. 

June 2021


My name is Zeppelin, and I am a two-year-old Bengal cat. I am a very active feline and a little mischievous. My hobbies include jumping off high areas, helping daddy feed the snakes and playing hide and go seek with my mommy. My favorite toys are springs and my Ewok stuffed animal that I love to carry around. I am not the cuddliest cat, but I do show my love and trust by giving head butts. I do expect my humans to show me love by scratching my chin daily. Shhh...don't tell Dr. Daniels but one of my favorite treats is raw meat!

May 2021


My name is Moose, and I am 2-year-old Doberman. My family adopted me through a rescue, and I love them so much! My humans would say that I am very good boy who can be goofy. For example, I pee on myself sometimes because I don’t lift my leg. I sleep all over the house sometimes even on my humans. You should know that I love to eat. You might even say that my favorite treats are anything I get in my mouth. One time I successfully ate the lasagna off of the stovetop. That day lasagna was my favorite "treat" just smelled so good! I love to be with my family so much that I learned to open the garage door to hang with Dad. As you can see, I also love to pose for pictures.

April 2021


My name is Athena, and I am a young Manx feline who was adopted from the St. Francis Society Animal Rescue. My favorite toys are a scrunchie and a laser pointer. Mom describes me as “a dog stuck in a cat’s body”. I love belly rubs and will eat just about anything, so don’t leave your plate unattended! When I’m not knocking things over around the house, I love to play fetch.  I am embarrassed to admit that pretty often I fall off of the thing I climb. When I’ve finally worn myself out, I love to cuddle and lick your face. I am so spoiled that I get to sleep on my owner’s neck.

March 2021


My name is Teddy, and I am just a young Bichpoo pup. Watch out, I am toe nibbler, I may grow out of this mischievous hobby but for now it is fun! My other favorite thing to play with is my stuffed toy named "Doggo". My most embarrassing moment so far was the time I got stuck under the bed. I am so spoiled that I sleep ON mom's head.

My mom and I were instantly connected, and our bond grow stronger each day. She says, "I don’t know what I did in my past life to allow me to win the Florida Paw-r-ball with Teddy. He is the sweetest, friendliest, gentlest, most lovable little cuddle bug. He’s truly brought so much joy to everyone he’s met. I cannot be happier to have him as my fur baby!"

February 2021


Hi, my name is Chester, and I am a 7-year-old domestic short hair feline. My favorite things to play with are scrunchies, they're just so easy to bat around. I also love to play hide-and-go-seek; I bet you can't find me! I am a busy boy, when I'm not playing with scrunchies and hide-and-go-seek I love to jump from one place to another. Unfortunately, I don't always make my jumps and then I fall, it's pretty embarrassing. Don't tell Dr. Daniels but I LOVE treats, all kinds. When I've worn myself out enough you can find me sleeping on mom's chest.

January 2021


Hi, my name is Bear and my nick name is Bear-Bear. I am an 8-year-old American Eskimo/Golden Doodle. Ever since my owner adopted me, I live a pretty spoiled and happy life. I have my own bed, but often sleep in the human’s bed with my family (often snuggle closely with my brother cats). I have a large family with 3 cats and another dog. I spend most of my free time lounging around in different places around the house. Although I sometimes enjoy digging in the yard. My favorite treat is steak, but I’d love for you to share any of your food with me really. I get a little piece of steak to celebrate special occasions. My favorite thing to do is go for a ride in the car. We often drive down to the bay to look at the water. I love it when the air conditioning is turned up full blast and blowing on me. At least once a day, I get to go for a walk. I’m working on picking up my pace to a slow jog and maybe one day I can catch those squirrels I see when I’m out and about.

December 2020


My name is Dottie, and I am a 15-year-old lady who was rescued from a local shelter. My favorite things to play with are actually my sisters. Did I mention they are dogs? I love to smack them with my paws! My parents say I am mischievous because I also like to eat the dog food and then they think the dogs ate it. My embarrassing moment was not trusting the team at the hospital, and I gave the nurse a very hard time. I'm a sweet lady, I promise. Of course, I am so spoiled and loved that I get to sleep in bed with mommy.

November 2020 


Hi, I am a 1-year-old Pembroke Corgi who loves to give kisses. My favorite thing to play with is a tennis ball but I love when my bark box arrives with new toys! I am mischievous when I climb on the top of the couch and attack my favorite faces with kisses. Don't be surprised if I rest my head on your shoulder for extra snuggles. One time when I was home alone, no one put me in my kennel, and I got all excited and tore up my new bed and shredded it all over the living room. I really thought all the pieces spread out looked nice.  You should know that I love all treats. There has never been a treat that I'm not excited about. I am so spoiled that I even get to sleep between my moms in bed.

October 2020 


Hi, my name is Widget, and I am a 12-year-old long haired feline, aren't I magnificent? I happily live with my human mom and dad who adopted me from a friend of theirs. My favorite thing to play with are my catnip bags and I love to play string and sleep in box lids. I am very skilled in conning mom and dad into giving me more treats when they don't know the other has already spoiled me. Even though I have my very own room I love to sleep in the window or on mom's side of the bed, like her entire side of the bed! My humans say I snore loudly, but I think that's nonsense. I will admit that when I am not sleeping, I have plenty to say and chat often. I am embarrassed to admit that I sometimes poop out of the litter box. I am so spoiled that I snuggle mom overnight for brushing. Life is good!

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