Storm Plan

Hurricane Season is here, but let's face it in Florida we almost always need a disaster plan. So, do you have a plan that includes your pet?

We all hope a tropical storm or hurricane will not threaten our area, but you need to be prepared just in case. Hurricane season starts June 1 and runs through Nov. 30. You know the importance of creating a hurricane preparedness kit for your family but many forget to include supplies for their pets.

We are often rushed when forecasters predict a hurricane, gathering supplies at the last minute that we may not fully prepare for our pet's needs.

Here's our must do list of preparing your pet in case of a hurricane:

  • Microchip pets: Microchipping pets not only helps in severe storms, it helps ensure you and your pet are reunited any time they wander off.
  • Update your information: Make sure your address and phone number on your pet's tag is up to date and your information is correct with the microchip company.
  • Create an Emergency Kit: Pack the following items to build an emergency kit for dogs or cats:
  • A pet first-aid kit
  • Four-day supply of your pet's food and medications
  • Bottled water
  • Feeding dishes
  • Litter and/or disposable garbage bags
  • Extra leashes and harnesses
  • Photocopies of your pet's medical records
  • Pictures of your pets in case you are separated
  • Labeled crates and carriers

To ensure the safety of your pets, Largo Veterinary Hospital has a strict policy for boarders during hurricane season. In the event of a Mandatory Hurricane or Tropical Storm evacuation, Largo Veterinary Hospital WILL evacuate. As we have seen in previous Hurricane seasons neither humans nor animals are safe.

If you are planning to board your pets at Largo Veterinary Hospital during hurricane season you will need provide us at time of boarding with the following:

  1. Your out of town contact information (phone, e-mail, etc)
  2. Names and numbers of 2 local people that are willing to pick up your pet in the event of an evacuation.Please be sure the local contacts are aware and willing to pick up your pets if we have to evacuate the hospital. We will give you as early a notice as possible, to give you enough time to have your pets picked up and out of harms way.
  3. We cannot overstate the importance of this policy. We will do our absolute best to remove all pets to a safe place but we cannot guarantee shelter in a natural disaster.

Check your county's website for shelter details.

Know evacuation zone and routes.

Click here for more info about Hurricane Preparedness Week

What you need to know to keep your pets calm and safe during a storm.

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