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Winners receive a gift for their pet, a gift certificate to use at Largo Veterinary Hospital, a photo feature on our website, and your pets name on our sign in front of the hospital.

July 2024

Hailey POM

Did someone say “peanut butter”?! 

My name is Hailey and I am a regular in Dr. D’s office for my laser therapy and Librela treatments. I am an 8 year old pit bull mix and I am full of personality! My pawrents got me from a relative and I love being spoiled at home. I am certainly an early riser, my people know I am up and attem when they start feeling their pillows shifting around in the wee hours of the morning. 

I do have a favorite doll toy, her name is “Squeeky”. We have the best of times together. In fact, she’s the one who encouraged me to plop my head on dad’s lap when he had an important Zoom meeting. When I am not causing corporate chaos, you can find me lounging on the double wide recliner. It’s not easy being a princess but somehow, I manage just fine…

June 2024


Hello everyone! 

My name is Buddy Boy and my vet is so glad for me to be the June Pet of the Month! My hoomans got me from the SPCA as a baby. Now I have grown into a beautiful 3 year old half-persian kitty. I have gorgeous fluffy long hair and I just absolutely love my parents. 

Like your typical cat, I love to play with anything that has long strips of fabric or strings. Don’t tell Dr. Daniels! But I always make sure to be careful. I do take extra pride in my redecorating skills as I love to nudge little bits and bobs off the dresser and dad’s desk. They looked better on the floor, don’t blame me! I am the master of my home, and am free to curl up and take a snooze anywhere I please, but one way to humble me very quickly is to get me loaded up in my cat carrier. Ugh, the shame…. I love to crunch on hard treats all day long, but my favorite delicacy is Fancy Feast. I can never turn it down, I just gobble it right up. 

Thanks for making me Pet of the Month! Bye!!

May 2024


Hi everyone! My name is Bentley, and I am a fun-loving Frenchie! My people purchased me when they fell in love with my cute spots, and I have been coming to Largo Vet Hospital for pretty much my whole life! I guess you can say I am an honorary team member. But hey, I earned it after so many years of butt-poking and forehead kisses from that weirdo doctor they have there.. 

I am so rambunctious at home, I will play with any old item that sparks my interest. One of my favorites are empty pill bottles, there's just something about the way they roll around on the floor! But watch out, because one of my favorite activities when I am feeling spry is to play fight, just wait until I get going, I am a pretty fierce contender! Although I have had a pretty embarrassing bout of floor poops-oops! 

After all that playing of course since I am the only dog around the house, I get to lounge around and take naps whenever I like. As long as there are greenies available post-nap I am a happy camper! My people know me so well and I am so lucky to be loved by them. Bye for now!

April 2024


Hi pawty people! My name is PG and I am a beautiful 8 year old tortoiseshell kitty. My journey started at the animal shelter as you can tell from my ear modification. I was gifted to my parents by one of their friends, and it was the best thing I could ever ask for! 

I love to lounge around my house in the sunshine. I am a super cuddly girl, always showing affection with hugs and lovins. But when it comes to getting scratches, and playing, I have a wild side! 

My favorite toy is string, which is lucky for me because it is so readily available around the house. My parents have to watch me super carefully when I am not snoozing in my usual spots. 

One thing I can never turn down are chicken flavored Greenies.. I just love them! Anyways that’s all about me!

March 2024

Lizzy Pet of the Month

Hey there everyone! My name is Lizzy and I am a sweet 4 year old Lhasapoo. I became the luckiest girl in the world when my pawrents picked me up at It’s All About Puppies when I was little! 

There are no treats I will turn down, but my most favorite thing is my collection of stuffed toys. I am such a princess that my mom and dad have a designated spot in bed, just for me! 

I will say that my mom and dad definitely should consider my career as a stunt double… one time I was aiming for the couch but I misjudged the distance and tumbled across the entire living room. I stuck the landing though! In my free time I like to do a little rearranging around the house- by pulling potted plants right off the windowsill. Hey, the place could use a little more dirt if you ask me…

February 2024


My name is Rocky, the mischievous cabinet-opener with a weakness for chicken treats. I'm a true snuggle enthusiast who spends his nights dreaming on a blissful human bed. Life couldn't get any better for this lucky feline! 

Being a 14-year-old domestic short hair kitty, I've seen it all and done it all. My journey started when my amazing parents saved me from the shelter. They saw something special in me, and I forever grateful to them for giving me a loving forever home.

Now, let's talk about my mischievous side! I have a reputation for being quite a troublemaker. You know, opening cabinet doors is like my superpower. It's so amusing to watch my humans' shocked faces when they find all their stuff messed up and it's all thanks to yours truly.

However, my most embarrassing moment is when I come to visit Dr. Daniels at the hospital. I get so overwhelmed by all the strange smells and sounds that I find solace in hiding, sometimes in the most awkward places, like a cabinet. Oops! But hey, a little embarrassment is a small price to pay for being the legendary troublemaker, right?

Now, don't tell Dr. Daniels, but my absolute favorite treat in the entire world is chicken pieces. Just the thought of sinking my teeth into those delicious chunks makes my mouth water. My humans spoil me rotten, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Finally, let's talk about my nighttime routine. Oh boy, I am one spoiled kitty. While some may think it's unfair, I get the special privilege of snoozing right next to my humans on their comfy bed. The fluffy pillows, warm blankets, and their gentle snores make it a purrfect place for me to get my beauty sleep.

January 2024


Hello everyone! My name is Bambi, and I'm here to tell you a little bit about myself. I'm a nine and a half-year-old Chihuahua Pug mix and I must say, life has been quite the adventure so far.

You know, I consider myself pretty lucky. My loving parents adopted me from a rescue shelter, and ever since then, I've been showered with love and attention. It's the best feeling in the world, knowing that I have a forever home with them.

When it comes to playtime, nothing gets me more excited than a good ol' rope toy. There's just something about tugging on it and showing off my strength that brings out the wild side in me. Trust me, I can keep myself entertained for hours with that one!

Now, let me share with you my most successful mischief. Whenever I spot a lizard scurrying around in the yard, my instinctive chase mode immediately kicks in. It's like a game of cat and mouse, except it's more like a dog and lizard. I must admit, those little reptiles know how to make me work for it!

I've got a bone to pick as I reveal a little embarrassment of mine. Picture this: every time the whole family is gearing up for an exciting car ride, ready to hit the road and explore. Now, here's where things take a hilarious twist – I can't help but let out the most melodious howl you've ever heard! I don't know what it is about car rides that gets my vocal cords going. Maybe it's the sheer anticipation, the wind rushing through my fur, or the incredible sights zooming past me. Whatever it is, I just can't resist expressing my enthusiasm in the form of a good ol' howl.

And here's a little secret between us, okay? I absolutely adore pizza. I mean, who wouldn't? The gooey cheese, the delicious toppings... it's heaven for my taste buds! But shh, don't tell Dr. Daniels about this guilty pleasure of mine. Let's just keep it between us, alright?

Oh, and did I mention how spoiled I am? Well, it's true. I've claimed my daddy's recliner as my own. It's the comfiest spot in the house, and I've made it very clear to everyone that this particular chair belongs to me and only me. After all, a little pup like me deserves some royal treatment, wouldn't you agree?

December 2023

Mace December POM

Meow there! I'm Mace, a purrfectly mischievous and utterly adorable 6-month-old Domestic Shorthair. Let me tell you a little bit about myself, straight from the cat's whiskers!

Once upon a time, my fabulous humans found me in their backyard, and from that moment on, I became the center of their universe. They shower me with love, and I couldn't be happier! My favorite pastime is playing with my stuffed taco toy - oh, the thrill of pretending to pounce on that tasty taco goodness! It's simply meow-velous.

Now, let's talk about my talent for mischief. I take great pride in my outstanding skills as a curtain climber. Scaling those vertical heights gives me a sense of adventure and a unique perspective on the world. Plus, it's the perfect way to impress my humans with my acrobatic prowess.

Of course, even the coolest cats have an embarrassing moment or two. Picture this: I was engaging in a fierce wrestling match with my fur sibling on the couch, throwing caution to the wind. But alas, my paws got too carried away, and I tumbled right off the edge! It was a moment of temporary defeat, but fear not, I quickly regained my composure and leaped back into action.

Now, promise me you won't let the cat out of the bag, but there's a particular treat that has captured my heart - churros! They are delectable and are simply irresistible. But let's keep this between us, shall we? Dr. Daniels doesn't need to know about my secret indulgence.

And believe me, I am one lucky kitty! My humans spoil me rotten. Can you believe it? I get to cozy up and sleep under the blanket with Mom. It's the epitome of comfort and snuggles, the cat equivalent of paradise.

November 2023

Archie November 2023

Hey furriends, it's Archie, the mischievous 2-year-old French Bulldog. Let me tell you a little bit about myself!

First off, my parents got me from a breeder, and they instantly fell in love with my squishy face and adorable snorts. But little did they know, they were in for a whole lot of excitement and mischief when they brought me home!

One thing you should know about me is that I'm a total toy thief! Whenever my fur brother is playing with something, I just can't resist joining in the fun and trying to steal the spotlight. Sorry, not sorry!

Now, here's a secret you must keep between us - my most successful act of mischievousness! I'm a master at sneaking past the baby gate, especially when I spot a fresh pair of socks lying around. You should see the look on my parents' faces when they catch me!

But hey, all that mischief pays off when it comes to treats. Peanut butter is my absolute favorite, and I could gobble it up all day long! Shhh, don't tell Dr. Daniels, though. I'm pretty sure she wouldn't approve of the amount of peanut butter I consume!

Oh, and did I mention how spoiled I am? Yup, it's true! Mommy and daddy love me so much that I even get to sleep in bed with them. I sure know how to wiggle my way into their hearts (and their cozy blankets) at night.

October 2023

Winnie 2023 Oct POM

Hi, my name is Winnie, and I am a loveable 5yr old Domestic Shorthaired. My parents hold a special place in my heart as they rescued me as a stray from the streets. 

My favorite pastime is observing lizards as they scurry outside of the window. I can spend hours swatting at the glass in an attempt to join the playful reptiles. Although unsuccessful in making friends with the lizards, I remain determined to show off my hunting skills. 

In a moment of playful rebellion, I once snuck into my dad’s suitcase while he was packing for a trip. Unbeknownst to him, I managed to find a cozy spot amidst the clothes to hide. It was a misadventure that resulted in a good laugh and, of course, some extra cuddles from my favorite humans.

Now, not all my moments are filled with triumph. Those lizards, seemingly aware of my longing gazes, occasionally tease me by mocking me from outside the window. While it may be an embarrassing situation for me, the love and support from my humans help me regain my confidence. It reminds me that I am still the beloved queen of the household. 

Here’s an inside secret of mine: my ultimate guilty pleasure is a pup cup from Starbucks. Those delectable treats bring sheer happiness to my furry little soul. Now, Dr. Daniels does not need to know this!

I am so spoiled with affection that I enjoy the lap of luxury! My parents provide me with not one, but ten comfy beds to choose from for a peaceful night’s sleep. 

September 2023

Madeline POM

Hi, my name is Madeline, and I am a charismatic 8yr old Pug. I captured the hearts of my loving parents, who acquired me from a local breeder.

My favorite pastime is playing with my new baby sister, Sadie Mae, who is also a Pug. Together, we embark on epic adventures around the house, chasing each other and engaging in adorable sibling antics. We are truly the dynamic duo of cuteness!

One of my mischievous talents lies in my ability to turn a simple kitchen towel into a trilling game. I love to toss the towels around until someone takes notice and perhaps takes me outside for some fresh air and fun. It’s my way of ensuring everyone gets involved in my playful escapades.

Despite my mischievous side, I sometimes find myself in rather amusing situations. Due to my breed’s adorable but slightly squished facial structure, I occasionally require breaks during neighborhood walks to catch my breath. These rest stops provide a perfect opportunity for passer biers to admire my undeniable charm.

Now, let’s keep this between us, but I have a not-so-secret guilty pleasure: jerky treats. Just the mere mention of them is enough to make my Pug tail wag with delight.

I am sometimes considered a pampered pup who takes the concept of spoiled to a whole new level. Each night I am treated to a custom-made stack of pillows, ensuring that I sleep in absolute comfort. 

August 2023

Buddy August 2023

Hi, my name is Buddy, and I am a 2yr old Persian mix. My mom and dad adopted me from the SPCA when I was just a baby. 

My favorite thing to play with is paper. 

My most successful mischievousness is I wait till mom and dad go to bed and then I get up on everything I am not supposed to. 

My favorite treats are hard crunchie treats. 

I am so spoiled that I get to sleep on mom and dad’s bed. Sometimes I love to just curl up on mom’s lap too. 

July 2023

Ceaser July POM

HI, my name is Caesar, and I am a 10yr old Pug. My dad gave me my forever home when I was just a baby. 

My favorite thing to play with are moose antler horns. 

My most successful mischievousness is when we are on a walk and I don’t want to walk anymore, I will just stop. If my dad tries to get me to move, I simply roll over on my back into the “belly rub” mode. It works every time! 

My most embarrassing moment was the time when I was just a puppy, I discovered glass windows are transparent. Yes, I ran right into it! 

Shhh…don’t tell Dr. Daniels but my favorite treat is steak. 

I am so spoiled that I get to sleep on my dad’s pillow. 

June 2023

Lucy June 2023

Hi, my name is Lacy, and I am a 17yr old Domestic Shorthaired. My mom has always helped with rescuing stray kitties. When she rescued my fur mom, she was pregnant with me. When I was born my human mom kept me too giving us a forever home! 

Don’t let my age fool you, I am still a kitten at heart. My favorite things to play with are toilet paper rolls and lizards. 

My most successful mischievousness is when it comes time for my mom to give me my medication, I run under the bed or behind the washer. Works every time! But my mom is getting smarter cause she somehow catches me off guard and then I get my meds. I am going to have to reevaluate this plan. My favorite treats are Temptations. I am so spoiled that I get to sleep in the bed with my mom.  

May 2023

Holly June 2023 POM

Hi, my name is Holly, and I am an almost 7yr old Boxer and Pitbull mix. My mom and dad adopted me from Pinellas County Humane Society on Christmas Eve. That was the best Christmas present ever! What makes me even more special is that I am a tri pod. What is a tri pod you say? Well, I am missing a leg. But that doesn’t slow me down one bit. 

Sometimes when I get so excited, I forget I am missing a leg and my mom and dad worry that I may injure myself. One of the things I enjoy the most are my stroller walks with my mom and dad. 

My favorite things to play with are chewy toys that squeak. 

My favorite treat of all time is the T/D treats I get whenever I come to Largo Vet! Mom and dad even got me a bag of them so I can have them at home too! 

I am so spoiled that my mom and dad have 5 doggie beds all over the condo for me to sleep in. 

April 2023

Jazzmin April POM

Hi, my name is Jazzmine, and I am a 14yr old Domestic Shorthaired. When I was just a baby, I was homeless. My mom found me and gave me my furever home. 
My favorite thing to play with are balls. 
My most successful mischievousness is when my mom is not looking, I jump up on the counters to snoop around. 
My most embarrassing moment was the time when I was just a year old, I had fallen asleep in bed with mom. I was so deep in my sleep that I fell out of the bed!
My favorite treats are Greenies. They keep my teeth healthy and my breath fresh for all my kisses for my mommy. 
I am so spoiled that I get to sleep in my mom’s bed under the covers. 
Sometimes I even get to share her pillow with her. 

March 2023

Kita March 2023 POM

Hi, my name is Kita, and I am a 3yr old Golden Retriever. My mom and dad adopted me when I was just a baby and gave me my furever home. 

My favorite toys are rope toys. 

My most successful mischievousness is catching lizards! 

My most embarrassing moment is the time I ran right into the sliding glass door. I was so focused on that lizard that I did not notice it was closed. 

Shhh…don’t tell Dr Daniels but my favorite treats are duck treats and steak. 

I am so spoiled that I get to sleep with my mom and dad every night in their bed. 

February 2023

Keoki Feb 2023

Hi, my name is Keoki, and I am a 3yr old Domestic Shorthaired. My mom and dad adopted me from Sunshine Kitty Catfe. 

My favorite toys to play with is anything that is small enough for me to bat around and chase. 

My most successful mischievousness is that I love to steal things from my mom and dad’s nightstands. I will take off with my findings causing my mom and dad to chase me. 

My most embarrassing moment was while I was napping on a chair and dreaming of all the things I could steal from the nightstands, I fell off! I sometimes have a habit of napping too close to the edge of the chair. 

It’s no secret but my favorite treat are Greenies. 

I am so spoiled that my mom and dad even let me sleep on the breakfast table. 

January 2023

Mabel Bugg Jan POM

Hi, my name is Mabel Bugg, and I am a 12yr old Boston Terrier mix. My mom and dad tell me that I am the sweetest dog they have ever had. That’s why I love giving them kisses. 

I love car rides! Especially the time my mom and dad drove me thousands of miles when we moved from Ohio to Florida. I loved every minute of it! 

My most successful mischievousness is that you may call me a baby, but when I want something from my mom and dad, all I have to do is cry. It works every time to get my way. 

Shhh…don’t tell Dr Daniels but my favorite treat is everything and anything my mom and dad give me. I know my mom and dad would do anything for me. That’s why I am so spoiled that I get to sleep in the bed with them under the blankets. 

December 2022

December POM 2022

Hi, my name is Wasabi, and I am a 2yr old Domestic Shorthair. My mom adopted me from the Friends of Strays shelter. 

My favorite thing to play with is a pink stuffed shrimp we call Pinky. 

My most successful mischievousness is that I ninja-grabbed the remains of my mom’s chicken drumstick dinner when she wasn’t looking. She had to chase me around the house for it! My most embarrassing moment is the time I fell from the windowsill I was trying to climb onto all the while trying to keep my footing on a nearby table! I made a misstep and slid down the wall with a thhhwoop! 

Shhh…don’t tell Dr Daniels but my favorite treat is anything made for humans! I do love my wet food too. My mom says I am like garbage disposal! 

I am so spoiled that my mom has a cat bed that feels like a cloud on top of her bed that I get to sleep in. 

November 2022

Chrissi Nov POM

Hi, my name is Chrissi, and I am a 12yr old Long-Haired Dachshund. My mom and dad adopted me from a breeder. 

My favorite things to play with is any toy that squeaks! 

My most successful mischievousness is I dig through the trash. 

Shhh...don't tell Dr. Daniels but my favorite treat is apples, but I also love to chase bunnies! 

I am so spoiled that I get to sleep right between my mommy and daddy in their bed:)

October 2022

Oregano 2022 POM

Hi, my name is Oregano, and I am a 3yr old Diluted Calico Domestic Shorthair. I was part of a litter of kittens rescued by the Pixel Fund. Our litter was nicknamed the Spice Kittens as we were all called names of spices. My mom and dad said I was the cutest spice, so they picked me! 

My favorite thing to play with are these multicolored plastic corkscrews which I love to skitter and chase all over the house. Unfortunately, the furniture loves to hide them from me! But that’s ok because my mom and dad end of buying more for me. If we ever move from this house, the movers are going to be in for a surprise when they move the furniture! 

My most successful mischievousness was the time we had just moved into our new home and my mom and dad had left the pantry door open. Well of course I needed to explore it. Suddenly, my mom and dad were leaving to go up to Home Depot and they shut the pantry door, with me in the pantry! A little while later I heard them come home so I started meowing. It felt like forever for them to find me but then the door opened! That’s when mom and dad found out that I had knocked over the olive oil and I was covered from stem to stern in olive oil. It took weeks to get that stuff off me and to finally stop smelling like a salad! 

My most embarrassing moment, like the olive oil wasn’t enough, was the time I met my doggie cousin, all 2 pounds of him! I was so terrified of him that I ran and hid under the bed. 

Shhh…don’t tell Dr Daniels but my favorite treat is anything my mommy is eating, which of course I am not allowed to have! 

I am so spoiled that I have my own stone sink in the master bathroom that I love to sleep in. Mom and dad’s sink is on the left and my sink is on the right!

September 2022

Izzie September POM

Hi, my name is Izzie and I am a 5yr old Golden Retriever. My mom and dad adopted me from a friend of theirs. 

I recently got a new fur brother, a 2yr old Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Kody. I love him so much! We get to play together all day long! 

My most successful mischievousness is that I know how to open cabinets all by myself! But because that has resulted in me eating things I should not have and having to go the emergency room, my mom and dad now have locks on all the cabinets! 

I have a lot of embarrassing moments I could share, but who has time for that! 

Shhh...don't tell Dr. Daniels but I haven't met a treat that I don't like yet. 

I am so spoiled that I get to sleep in my mom and dad's bed with my fur brother!

August 2022

August POM 2022

Hi, my name is Floyd, and I am a 11yr old Domestic Shorthair. My mom and dad adopted me when I was a baby from the SPCA of Tampa Bay. 

My favorite thing to play with is string, and my parents are very careful to not let me swallow it! 

My most successful mischievousness is I love to drink water from the sink. 

My favorite treat are Greenies but only the chicken flavor! They help my teeth and breath stay clean and fresh. 

I am so spoiled that I get to sleep wherever I want. 

July 2022

Lucky February 2022POM

Hi, my name is Lucky, and I am a 11-month-old Beagle mix. My mom and dad rescued me from Southeast Beagle Rescue. 

My favorite toys to play with are anything that squeaks. 

Since I am still new to my mom and dad, I have been trying very hard to be on my best behavior. In other words, I haven’t had time yet to be successful at anything mischievous. But I do have a bad habit that is most embarrassing to my mom and dad. I like to eat my poop when we are in the company of other humans. We are working together on breaking that habit. 

Shhh…Don’t tell Dr. Daniels but my favorite treat is bacon. 

I hit the lottery when my mom and dad rescued me in that I am so spoiled now that I get to sleep on my mom’s pillow. 

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